Why Whitening is like Dying your Hair

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Why Whitening is like Dying your Hair

– By Dr. Ferguson of Kingsway Dental Choice 

There is a wide variety of whitening products available, and now there is even the choice between getting your teeth whitened in the chair, or investing in a take home kit. With benefits to both, I would like to take a moment to educate those who are interested in whitening their teeth on what to expect.

Every mouth is different and the color of our teeth is determined by many factors ranging anywhere from the amount of enamel we have in our mouths due to the acidity of our saliva, to the amount of coffee we drink. That is why we use color shades to determine where each patient sits on the white scale. There are 3 main factors to take into consideration in determining color, 1) Hue: The color itself, 2) Chroma: Concentration of color (Think how many drops of ink in a water glass) and 3) Value: Light > Dark. The 4 main color scales are broken into the following categories:

Vita bleached guide #D Master

  • reddish brown
  • reddish yellow
  • gray
  • reddish gray

When people choose to get whitening done, they need to understand that results may vary. Some teeth will see a dramatic transformation just a few days, while others can take a few months. The average time is usually between 2 to 3 weeks. The reason for this is due to the hue of the teeth. The more yellow versus gray color you have in your teeth, the better the bleaching. Grey enamel is more difficult to bleach and can take a few months to achieve a result.

We also like to let patients know that right after bleaching, the color will fade slightly. This shade will then remain stable for about 6 months to a year and will need ongoing maintenance every 4-6 months. This is why teeth whitening is similar to the upkeep of dying your hair. Our patients should also know that results may vary depending on:

  • Their original teeth shades (some shades are more difficult to whiten),
  • Some intrinsic stains will not go away with whitening.
  • Their compliance (if they are using an at-home product and immediately after receiving treatment).
  • The product of choice,
  • Eating & Drinking habits (things like coffee, wine & cigarettes may accelerate a fade-back),
  • Their commitment to their hygiene visits. For the best results, we recommend that you have your teeth cleaned prior to whitening.

At Kingsway Dental Choice, we are the first office to carry a new line of whitening products called SpaDent. We like this product because there is very little sensitivity compared to some of the other whitening options. SpaDent is also a product that works fast, patients who are using the take-home SpaDent will tend to see the maximum results in just 7 – 10 days. Maximum results for in-office whitening can sometimes be achieved in just 1 or 2 40-minute sessions for 95% of people. See below for more info on SpaDent:

LED Home Whitening Kit

Naturally better, fluoride free, silica free, saccharin free

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