When Should I Take My Kid To The Dentist?

Parents often wonder when is the right time for their child’s first visit to the dentist.  Most dentists prefer to see your child around the age of 2, unless there is an issue with their teeth before that time.

It is important to remember that a child’s first impression of the dental office starts at home. If your child feels that you are anxious, then they too will feel anxious.  Avoid making a big deal about the visit and speak to older siblings reminding them not to mention anything that could scare them.

Early introduction to a dental office will help build a trusting relationship with the dental staff and ease your child in to their first visit. If possible, have your child come along for an appointment with a parent or a sibling. Your child can meet the staff, see what the office is about and watch mom/sibling have their teeth checked. The more times your child is exposed to a dental office, the better their first visit will be.

When booking your child’s first appointment, find a time that best suits your child; avoid nap times and meal times. If your child is overtired or hungry, they are less likely to embrace a new experience.

Our offices have what we call a “happy visit” this is comprised of a ride in the dental chair and showing them all the neat buttons and tools we most commonly use. Our dental assistants have child friendly names for this equipment and we will let them look at the tools and touch them, some of our tools can be quite noisy so they need to get familiar with these noises before we get started. If all goes well we will have the dentist take a look in their mouth, count their teeth and look for any treatment that may be needed.  Remember the first few visits are to build trust between the dental team and your child; we want them to look forward to coming to visit us at the office and getting their prize for a great dental visit!

Watch this video for more information about our Happy Visit: When Should I Take My Kid To The Dentist?

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