Ways for Kids to Keep Their Teeth Healthy

Healthy Smiles in the New Year

The holidays have come and gone, as have the sweets and goodies that accompany each fete.  Trays of cookies, pounds of pound cake, and boxes of chocolates have all seemed to disappear in a flash, and all that you and your family remain with are questions about your oral health.

How can your kids keep their teeth healthy and pristine in the New Year?  Through this Dental Choice Canada blog, you will learn some of the best ways that you and your family can maintain beautiful smiles throughout 2014 and beyond.  Keep reading to learn more!

Oral Hygiene for the Entire Family

It may seem like a daunting task to try to keep the entire family’s smiles at their best, but with some of our Dental Choice Canada tips, you do not have to worry.  There are easy ways that the whole family can come together to achieve healthier smiles, including:

  • Timing How Long You Brush- head to the store and find a fun timer to use for 2- minute tooth brushing intervals.  Having a timer can keep everyone motivated to brush the entire time, two times a day.  In addition, there are new toothbrushes available that have timers built in, which can be an exciting part of dental hygiene.
  • Cook Together- this tip may seem out of the blue, but oral health and general health are strongly connected.  Head to the grocery store for a family trip to create some healthy recipes.  Learn the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables and learn the ways that you can integrate them into a multitude of recipes for healthier smiles and better health.
  • Floss- flossing is an important part of any healthy dental hygiene regimen. Teach your kids to brush and floss together as part of a complete healthy habit.
  • Create a Reward System- if everyone in the family brushes and flosses twice a day, every day, each week, think of a fun activity that everyone can do together as a reward.  Oral health can be a great way to bond together—try it today!

Learn More about Oral Health

If you would like to learn other ways that you and your family can improve your oral health, do not hesitate to contact Dental Choice Canada.  We will answer all of your questions about dental hygiene for the whole family, and schedule for visits in one of our many Canadian offices.

We are passionate about oral care and believe that the dentist does not have to be a scary place for any member of your family.  To learn how you can maintain your smile for a lifetime, contact our Dental Choice Canada team today.


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