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The Wand

Do you feel anxious every time you know you need anesthesia for a dental procedure? Many patients may feel uncomfortable with the traditional dental syringe method of dosing anesthesia. Others may not enjoy the overall numb sensation in the mouth from a needle injection. However, there’s a new solution called The Wand, which can leave patients more comfortable and happy with the dental sedation process.

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What Is The Wand, and How Does It Work for Dental Sedation?

The Wand is a computer-assisted anesthesia system that helps dental professionals perform injections with less pain and more concentrated numbness in one area. Often, patients feel a stinging pain from an injection if the flow of anesthesia is injected into the gums too fast. The Wand features three speeds that regulate the flow rate for each type of injection and ensure complete control and pressure of the anesthesia. This technology can help minimize the pain of an injection and keep you more comfortable throughout a dental procedure.

This new tool for dental sedation identifies intraligamentary tissue, so your dentist can find the exact location needed for an injection. It’s a form of single tooth anesthesia (STA) that won’t make your entire mouth numb like traditional injection methods. During your treatment with The Wand, you should feel a greater sense of comfort, less pain and reduced anxiety.

Benefits of The Wand for the Dentist

The Dental Wand offers numerous benefits for both patients and providers. When dentists use The Wand for their practice, they can make more efficient use of their time by enabling bi-lateral mandibular treatment in one visit. This can give more options to offer patients.

Benefits of The Wand for Patients

Patients typically get these benefits out of using The Wand:

  • More comfort
  • Less anxiety
  • No collateral numbness
  • Faster recovery time
  • Greater satisfaction with the dental procedure and practice

Think about a child who is getting their first cavity repaired with a filling. They may already feel anxious about going to the dentist and can feel even worse when they see a syringe that aids in dental sedation. Since The Wand is much less intimidating and numbs only the area needed, it can help children feel much more comfortable with the procedure from start to finish.

Experience The Wand at Dental Choice

Dental Choice now uses The Wand for dental procedures at some of our locations. Our dentists in Alberta can use The Wand to help make you more comfortable during your next procedure. Whether you need cosmetic work done, restorative services and more, we’re excited to share this new dental sedation technique with you.

Contact us today to learn more about The Wand and how it can benefit you.

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