The Journey of a DC’er

Natalie’s journey at Dental Choice.

I began my journey with Dental Choice in January 2009 as an RDA level 11 full time working at MWD. I was moving from Nova Scotia as a new mother and was excited to get back into work and dentistry. I have only worked in private practice and never for a ‘dental company’ and one as large as this. I was nervous, excited, and ready to have a new beginning.

The atmosphere was friendly, hardworking, and dedicated to patients coming first. I quickly developed friendships with the staff in and outside the office. The systems the company uses are effective, efficient, and very user friendly for any new staff coming on board.

I had worked there for a year and a half and decided to make a decision to end my position for a new offer that was better suited for my family and life. This office was 5 minutes away from home, great hours and wages; I thought this was perfect for me and my family. I left Dental Choice, started at this new office and was shocked after the first 2 days at how the clinic was managed and was immediately missing the family I had belonged to at Dental Choice

After completing one full week, I realized the depth that Dental Choice has to offer and applied for my same position back. I appreciated how much DC does for their staff and patients and came to a new awareness for this company. I wasn’t just an RDA, just an employee, just a co-worker, or just someone who suctions.

To this company I was a real person who was recognized for their hard work and passion. I was a friend, a leader, team player and a mother. For the first time I was able to have work life balance and a company that supported me in doing so.

With this company, you will work hard, be recognized, be trusted, and personally grow. You will gain experience in all aspects of dentistry and have the support to continued learning. The staff will become your family, your friends, and your confidantes.

It is now 4.5 years later, I am an Area Manager for two of the clinics and I would not have been able to accomplish this goal without the support of the team at Dental Choice. I am forever thankful for being given the opportunity’s I have had and will always be grateful.

Natalie Murray

Area Manager

Dental Choice

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