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Epic 2 Day Team Building Experience with Eric Vickery

Large group of people pose for a picture during team building event with Eric Vickery

Dental Choice’s commitment to “best-supported dentists” continues to be fulfilled through continuing education, team building seminars, and coaching by industry experts.

Man presents in front of a crowd at Team Building Experience with Eric VickeryDr. Hans Herchen and his resource team collaborated over how to get all 140 team members from both cities into one spot to do participate in extensive training and team building activities. The idea was for both cities to “meet in the middle”, which was executed by loading up 2 large buses full of Dental Choice Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants, and Admin (one from each city) and met at the center point between Calgary and Edmonton – at the Sheraton Hotel in Red Deer, Alberta.

Our two regions came together, and seated alongside their teams, the offices got to mix and mingle. It was a great way for all of Dental Choice to bond and get to know each other over the two days. We also had a few of our newest affiliate offices join us. Dr. Olopade of Belmead Dental Clinic was in attendance, as well as Dr. Falk who was representing Gateway Dentistry Group, Alpen Dental, and Rimbey Dental Care.

Man smiles at Team Building Experience with Eric VickeryOur guest speaker, Eric Vickery,  provided coaching services to Dental Choice on systems, team building, marketing and verbal skills. His energy was well received and he had our whole team engaged and captivated as we worked through some of the common occurrences and challenges as oral health care providers. Eric got our teams to participate in role play, to shout out answers, and to brainstorm together. The whole experience was very beneficial and everyone that attended left with a fresh new perspective on how to be a 10!

Everyone was given a work booklet to take the DiSC behavior assessment, which centers on four different behavioral traits: dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. The test was enlightening as it calculated the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, and really helped the teams understand the traits of their coworkers. After a great discussion lead by Eric, we were also able to understand how to apply certain DiSC assessments to patient behaviors to make sure we are communicating to them in an effective way. Overall this exercise had a great impact and will definitely make communication more effective and fluid in our offices.

Group of people pose around a table at Team Building Experience with Eric Vickery

Chris McClure, Dental Choice’s Chief Operating Officer, introduced some exciting new plans for the dental group and introduced the new Hygiene Training champion who spoke about the implementation of new systems to better our processes for periodontal treatments and cleanings.

The success of a great dental group is driven by the performance and the heart of each office, and that means having happy, motivated, healthy and team-oriented staff. Workshops like this really help us on our path to grow, success, and creating super satisfied patients!

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