Manager Profile; Tara Holowach

Tara Holowach, Macleod Manager, smiles for the cameraTara (Lowe) Holowach has been with Dental Choice for over 16 years, and started at the very first office, Kingsway, as Dr. Hans Herchen’s (the founder of Dental Choice) Dental Assistant. She has played many roles over the years including Area Manager, Regional Manager, and Office Manager.

Currently, she is the Office Manager at our Macleod Dental Choice office where she works with Dr. Michael Newbert and the team. She brings encouragement and energy to her colleagues by leading by example and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Tara also takes the time to help train new Dental Choice employees and helps students finish their practicums. She is patient and she is kind, and can always be seen wearing a smile. Book at Macleod today!

“I  am motivated by a strong sense of duty and I derive satisfaction from doing great work for the company and my team. I take my work responsibilities very seriously, and I take the time and make the effort to connect, engage and involve others in my daily work!

Some of my passions in life are living a healthy life by eating clean, fitness training and outdoor activities along with travelling to many different places in the world.”

See Tara in the video below:

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