Sweet Tooth For Fruit Juice?

A new article in Medical News Today suggests that your hankering for fruit juices and smoothies – yes, even 100% fruit juice, you health nut– have ‘unacceptably high’ levels of sugar content.

This development may not come at good time. I mean, the weather is getting warmer and soon it’ll be mojito/iced tea/every summer drink ever season.

The recommended sugar intake for children is 3-4 teaspoons/day, and 5 teaspoons/day according to the American Heart Association. As a way of comparing, a single can of pop (soda) contains 10 teaspoons. So, half a can is enough to last you an entire day…

“So? I drink 100% organic fruit juice ‘cuz I’m fabulous.”
Hold on, sister. Let’s take a look at the numbers before you ride off on that high horse.

“The average sugar content of the 21 pure fruit juices assessed… was as high as 10.7 g/100 ml or just over 2 tsps, and in the 24 smoothies, it was up to 13 g/100 ml, or just over 2.5 tsps. Over 40% of all the products, contained 19 g, or around 4 tsps, of free sugars, the maximum daily amount recommended for children.” (Medical News Today)

If over 40% of pure fruit juices contain the maximum daily recommended amount for children in a single drink– just imagine what your summer 2-Iced-Passion-Lemonades-a-day-and-maybe-a-Strawberries-and-cream-Frap-cuz-hey-basic-life is doing to your body and your dental health. Just imagine!

Personally, I’ve been judged for watering down my all fruit juices. I actually found them too sweet. Looks like my technique might finally be picking up some legitimacy:

“Based on the findings, the team recommends:

  • Not counting fruit juices, juice drinks and smoothies with a high free sugar content as one of the “5 a day”
  • Consuming fruit whole, not as juice
  • Diluting fruit juice with water or opting for unsweetened juices, and allowing these only during meals
  • Limiting intake to 150 ml/day, or just over 5 oz
  • Requiring manufacturers to stop adding unnecessary sugars to fruit drinks, juices and smoothies, if necessary, through government intervention.”

Eat that! Er… drink that!



Okay so the lesson here is, water is great.

And remember to floss! 😀


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Referenced article: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/308290.php

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