Sugar-free does not mean Care-free!

So just when you thought you were better off sipping on Diet Coke than indulging in the decadent regular variety, this news happens…

A new study reveals that some sugar-free drinks can also damage teeth.
Researchers at the Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre in Australia found that while testing different types of sugar-free drinks (including soft drinks and sports drink), “those that contain acidic additives and those with low pH levels cause measurable damage to tooth enamel, even if they have no sugar.”

That’s not good news for those who thought they were safe simply sipping sugar-free liquids (including flavored mineral water!) for hydration. It looks like we’re back to good ol’ water, aren’t we?

Some of the best advice dispensed in regards to counteracting the phenomenon of tooth enamel wear is: “…after eating or drinking acidic products, you should not brush your teeth straight away, as this can remove the softened tooth layer. Instead, rinse your mouth with water and wait for an hour or so before brushing.”

So take care out there and make sure you are minimizing erosion to your smile– water tastes better anyhow 🙂

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For more information, take a look at the article on Medical News Today, “Some sugar-free drinks can also damage teeth, experts warn.”

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