RDA Week: A Rising RDA by Shilpa

Shilpa poses and smilesMy name is Shilpa Sharma. I have been a registered dental assistant for about 3 years and have had the pleasure of working out of Millwoods Dental Choice for 1 of them. It was quite a change for me to work at Dental Choice, as it is a dental group practice, and I am used to working in private practices. I really like it, as it is a great opportunity to meet and mingle new people from other Dental Choice offices and  get to share successes and new ideas with them.

My job includes various tasks throughout the day but the most important is creating “super satisfied” patients. A typical day in the life of an RDA can be full of challenges as we see different types of patients with many different needs. But thanks to my supportive team, Dr. Fitzner, Ale, and Tina, I am able to perform my tasks to the best of my ability. We work together to make sure our days are smooth and positive and our patients can feel it!

Dental assistant performs a cleaning on a patientBeing an RDA has really helped me in my personal development, I get tips from my doctor to improve myself and there is always something new to learn. I have grown into my career and feel that I have developed many skills to provide a caring and passionate service.  It is a great feeling to hear the phrase “you did a great job!” from my co-workers and our patients.

All dental assistants should feel pride in their work as a Dental Team wouldn’t be complete without an RDA. Happy RDA week!


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