RDA Week: A Day in the Life by Ale

A Day in the life of a Dental Assistant

By Ale Juarez of Millwoods Dental Choice

Sometimes patients show up to their appointments and are worried about whether they forgot to brush right before their appointment or nervous and clenching their fists due to anxiety of being at the dentist. I can assure you that it is my responsibility (and pleasure) as a dental assistant, to be focused on making every appointment as comfortable as possible.

At Millwoods Dental Choice I have the privilege of working alongside a great team. My team supports Dr. Fitzner, he is one of our dentists at Millwoods, and he always ensures we get a good dose of  humor throughout our day. Then there is Tina, one of our hygienests who is heard on the other side of our operatory chatting up and charming her patients.  Last but not least is Shilpa, who also runs the show in dental assisting, aka my partner in crime!

As a dental assistant duties consist of taking xrays, maintaining strict sterilization and infection control procedures, assisting the doctor, and building long-lasting relationships with our lovely patients! We have a unique opportunity to comfort our patients during their appointment in what ever way we can. Sometimes we hold their hand, bring them a blanket, put on the tv to take their mind off the procedure, or encourage them to listen to their favourite music.

Shilpa speaks Punjabi and I speak Spanish, so sometimes we call each other in to help with patient communication to ensure our patients are well informed and comfortable. We have a very nice dynamic when we both work together seemingly as one. While one of us is taking care of a super satisfied patient and walking them to the front, the other assistant is already tearing the room down and setting up for the next patient, or perhaps they already have the other operatory ready to go. It is comforting to have someone who you know is picking up where you left of and vice versa.

Overall being part of the Dental Choice team has been a great experience and I love doing this as my career. I have grown tremendously over the 4 years with Dental Choice and am thankful for the ways they have coached me to always ensure I am constantly developing/ practicing great skills to help provide the utmost care to our patients. I look forward to many more years with the team!




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