RDA Week: Confessions of a Dental Assistant by Kaitlyn

Confessions of a Dental Assistant by Kaitlyn Munday

registered dental assistantIn any functioning work place there are key elements that allow for efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction. Not only for a patient, but for the people who provide a service. The elements I value at a work place are communication, positivity, and a desire to grow by all team members. My team at 17th Ave Dental Choice has shown a commitment to fostering these elements for the benefit of the patients, who receive quality care, and also for the work family we all share.

The dentists at 17th Ave Dental Choice look for the strengths in each dental assistant and they work to nurtures their abilities by providing effective feed back on how to improve every day. The communication between a dentist and their assistant is a vital to the care that patients receive. It is also vital in having strong work relationships and having a sense of team pride when you know that you have contributed to the well-being and success of co-worker. We have monthly team meetings and the communication allows for us to freely express ourselves. If any of us feel that there is something that can be done differently, we all commit to improvements.

rda dental choiceWe have all heard in our life to watch our attitudes, and as I have grown as a person I have found this to be absolute truth. The morale of a working environment is important, and so it is important that each member lifts each other up. Everyone has “off days”, however, the environment I have found here is that of helping one another through those rough days. A positive attitude makes all the difference in how any of us go through our lives. The people we meet can feel positive energy around them, and we can feel it when we work together. In many ways it mirrors the life of a family, in how we engage each other and our patients.

Self growth. I may get a tad philosophical here. This may be one of the most difficult things any of us as people may achieve. In dentistry, the technology and techniques are always in flux; the world seems to change quickly in front of us. We have to have an open mind to these changes, embrace them, and utilize them. From the front desk to the sterilization room, to the research of the doctors. Time and change waits for no one. With this in mind we keep ourselves flexible and willing to improve and develop, not only for the patients, but for ourselves as well.

I look forward to growing, for the patients, for my team and, for myself.

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