RDA Relationship with the Dentist

Jolene Valin, RDA at University Dental ChoiceHello, my name is Jolene Valin and I have worked for University Dental Choice in Calgary for almost 6 years.

In a dental office, the dynamics change daily when dealing with all the different personalities of staff and patients. Dental offices really become a second home and some times it seems like we spend more of our day time hours with our colleges at work than anyone else in our lives. We support each other through good and bad days and eventually the relationship slowly progresses into a work family.

What is the Relationship like between Dentist and Registered Dental Assistant?

The relationship between a dentist and their Assistant is unique. A RDA learns very quickly what their dentist likes and dislikes, along with the style of dentistry they practice. Believe me, people that work in dentistry are a quirky bunch! At University Dental Choice in Calgary, I have had the honour to work with some great dentists but feel especially privileged to have worked alongside Dr. Rajwani for the last 4 years. We were both only a few years into our respectful positions which helped us work together to form systems that work for us.

We have developed into a duo that finishes each other’s sentences, when either of us is lost for words, the other will figure it out with a simple gesture what the other wants to express. (Dr. Rajwani likes to say I live in her head.) I’ll have items that are specific to certain treatment already available or that could be a possibility already ready without her asking or her prompting me. When you hit these milestones it’s a team high five. This collaboration of souls is awesome and makes coming to work an absolute joy.

How do you work together with the Dentist to install the best patient care?

Dr. Rajwani has a way of talking through issues that arise, brain storming different ways to improve our communication and care of our patients, each other and fellow team mates. To us, our patients come first and everything that we can do to create a positive experience for patients in our office, we try our best to achieve.

Dr. Rajwani even sometimes takes it a step further than most dentists, by offering my services of song and dance while waiting for etch or impression material to set, which I humbly decline. No one should be made to suffer that sight… Although I won’t put on a show, I will hold a hand of a patient to get them through the anesthetic and Dr Rajwani uses all her tricks to make is as comfortable as possible. We really do make a great team.

Thank you Dr Rajwani and Dental Choice for the opportunity to work alongside such an amazing team, I would not be the dental assistant that I am today without you.

Happy Dental Assistants week


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