Random Acts of Kindness in Airdrie

We ‘nailed’ a good time for this morning’s Random Acts of Kindness giveaway with Air106.1 as we purchased manicures and pedicures to pamper the local women before the long weekend at Paradize Nails & Hair Salon in Mackenzie Way!


For our last Random Acts of Kindness, we stopped by the Airdrie Boys and Girls Club to drop off some sweets!The kids were absolutely thrilled to get some Avenue Cakery and Bake Shoppe cupcakes and we’re set to brush after the snacks with the dental hygiene bags passed around. It was our goal to make someone else’s day a little sweeter and we encourage you to pay it forward!

Below you can see some of the pictures from the Boys and Girls Club.

We have also bought the community of Airdrie coffee at Tim’s, Lunch at McDonald’s, Gas from Esso, Car washes from Sparkling Auto Wash, and more! Our Dental Choice clinic in Airdrie is always accepting new patients, and our Airdrie dentist, Dr. Elliott, loves to work with children and families! Book with us today! 

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