Our Controller’s Climb Up Yamnuska-Summit, Mt. Laurie!

Dental Choice’s Controller, Carol Gervais, inspired the team at resource by sticking to her guns and doing the hike of a life time, up Yamnuska-Summit, Mt. Laurie!

“This past weekend I climbed a mountain face (no harness…just holding on to a chain attached to the mountain)  and I wasn’t sure how I would feel before I got there.

I decided that this was to represent the direction of my life moving forward, it was a symbolic breakthrough of  all previous self-imposed limitations and if I can do this then I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Carol heads the accounting team at Dental Choice and always encourages her team to push themselves. Carol offers support and strength to the whole dental group practice and we are proud of her personal accomplishment of this climb!


Not only did I easily get across I also had the time of my life!  Here is a photo to prove it. The last  photo shows the height of the actual drop I was looking at (I highlighted in yellow where I was walking)

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