Oral Health Month; Millwoods DC at Grant MacEwan

Oral Health Awareness Month

april oral health awareness month
oral health awareness month



On Thursday, March 29th, Millwoods Dental Choice visited Grant MacEwan University and spoke to the students about Oral Health and Student Plans!

“We spent the whole morning educating patients as to the services we provide at Dental Choice for students on a budget. Out of around 125 people we spoke to, only 5 or 6 were aware of what Dental Choice had to offer through their insurance plan. Students were very eager to learn and we look forward to welcoming New Patients from Grant MacEwan.” – Practice Administrator, Najla Metwalli

Millwoods can cater for studying hours and exam schedules with appointments open from 7 am to 8 pm almost daily. Request an Appointment with Dr. Fitzner or Dr. Verma today!

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