Millwoods at the Meadows Recreational Centre

Dental Choice employee pack packages at Millwoods at the Meadows Recreational Centre
Dental Choice female employee handing out information on Dental Health Awareness Month

Millwoods Dental Choice spent the day at the Meadows Recreational and Community Centre on Saturday April 22, 2018.

The Meadows Community Recreation Centre is a 234,419 square-foot facility that brings people together to enjoy sport, recreation, social and cultural activities – all under one roof! Located within the Meadows District Park, provides indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities – creating an active community hub that is open and welcoming year round.

We had many of our team members attend to hand out hygiene kits and to talk to the Meadows District community about their options for services and good oral health. The day started with Marilyn and Jerramie, two of our lovely  Assistants, and they were joined by Shilpa and Kennedy (our third Assistant & our Hygienist) to continue with patient education! People were very interested to learn about the services provided at Millwoods Dental Choice and the fact that the office can direct bill to insurance and save patients the hassle of dealing with dental claims.  Overall a very successful day within our very own community of Millwoods.

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