Is the future clear as glass?

Is the future clear as glass?

According to Medical News Today, tooth fillings of the future may incorporate a “bioactive” glass that helps to reduce the ability of bacteria to attack composite tooth fillings.

“Bioactive glass is made with compounds such as silicon oxide, calcium oxide and phosphorus oxide, and looks like powdered glass. It’s called “bioactive” because the body notices it is there and can react to it, as opposed to other biomedical products that are inert. Bioactive glass is very hard and stiff, and it can replace some of the inert glass fillers that are currently mixed with polymers to make modern composite tooth fillings.”

Okay, so maybe it won’t be clear, since it’s mixed with other things to make the tooth filling. Regardless, it’s a pretty cool advancement in technology to use the natural repulsion of the bacteria to the bioactive glass to advance tooth fillings.

The implications are immediate: tooth fillings could last for much longer, which would improve the oral health of patients with fillings.

“Prolonging the life of composite tooth fillings could be an important step forward for dental treatment, the researchers say, since more than 122 million composite tooth restorations are made in the United States every year. An average person uses their teeth for more than 600,000 “chews” a year, and some studies suggest the average lifetime of a posterior dental composite is only six years.”

That’s a lot more chewing and a lot more food to process before getting a new filling– or even a root canal. Consult with your local Dental Choice office.

Read more at Medical News Today

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