Help Get Your Teeth To Age 90 Or More

Dentists who help out at retirement homes can tell you that the healthy retirees have their teeth. And that it’s no coincidence. People who take care of their teeth everyday will thank themselves in old age.

Most people hope to get to the latter years of their lives with healthy teeth as they play a major role in long-term health. It’s important to be working every day in order to achieve that feat and prevention is the key and that applies as equally to a perfect tooth, as to a heavily filled tooth that needs a crown.

Prevention occurs every day at home with proper oral care; proper brushing and flossing. But unfortunately, with all of the sugars and acids in our food, that is never enough; part of keeping good oral health is by seeing your dentist and his/her team regularly to ensure that you are taking all of the proper steps to get your teeth to age 90 or more. Isn’t a great day when you have your check-up and the dentist says to you that everything is looking good?

Dentists, including those at the Dental Choice offices, are the leader of your dental health care team. They collaborate with Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants and the Reception staff to ensure your teeth and your experience at the dental office are good as can be. Everybody at the office is focused on you when you visit us, and are all working to help you get your teeth to age 90 or more. We do this by checking all aspects of your mouth for gum disease, cavities, looking for abscessing teeth that may not be causing discomfort yet, checking your biting ability, checking the function of your jaw joint, anticipating teeth that could likely fracture and we looking for cancers in the bone and soft issues of your mouth. This cannot be done by your Medical Doctor, even they go to the dentist for this as they do not have the knowledge, experience or skill set.

Having all of your teeth at age 90 is achievable if you decide that is what you want. That will be a great day.

This all starts with you getting your cleanings at the dental office at a routine designed especially for you. Everyone needs a different interval and that depends on how quickly you build up tartar on your teeth which can be anywhere from 2 3, 4, 6 or 9 months for most of us. Your Registered Dental Hygienist will discuss your issues with you and make the right recommendations to help you get your teeth to age 90 or more.

Yes, this requires the will and the allocation of time and financial resources. But everything we want in life requires these. Only you can decide how important having your teeth at age 90 is to you … it is possible!

Remember to keep your kids on track too! We start seeing children at the age of 2, and take pride in educating parents about their child’s oral development throughout the process of losing baby teeth and growing into their adult teeth. Good habits can start young, let’s give them the tools to get their teeth to 90 too!

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