Fromage To You: Cheese as dental defense this holiday season

Cheese lovers, rejoice!

This holiday season you may be tempted to break out the imported gruyere for your charcuterie board, some asiago for your pasta dish– and who can forget the double cream cranberry brie with crackers?
But do you dance the fine line between naughty and nice in your milky indulgence?

Studies are finding that dairy products are good not only for your bone health in the way of vitamins, but that they – hard cheese, especially– have cavity-fighting properties when eaten after a meal.

More specifically, of the several oral pH levels sampled subsequent to the ingestion of various dairy products, those found in groups having eaten hard cheese exhibited the most significant and rapid increase in alkalinity. This means that people who ate hard cheese had less acidic environments in their mouths– this slows the cavity-developing process!

So go ahead and spoil your family, guests, and yourself this holiday season– go for that block of cheese to add a little richness to your festive meals, and let it be guilt-free!


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