Free2BMe 2018 Gala

Group smiles around a table at Free2BMe 2018 GalaDental Choice attends the 2018 Free2BMe Gala

Free2BMe is a department within the Steadward Centre that focuses on children and youth from 4 to 19 years of age who are experiencing physical, sensory or developmental impairments. During this Gala, the Steadward Centre was also celebrating 40 years of operations, providing physical activity and fitness opportunities for people with special needs.

The event consisted of a nice plated dinner, beverages, excellent entertainment, an auction, and even a live painting performed by Lewis Lavoie who painted the street in front of the University of Alberta. His painting will be hung at the Steadward Centre to commemorate the evening. There were 37 people who donated $1000 each to Lavoie’s piece, which will ultimately buy a new machine for the Centre!

For entertainment, the singer Brett Kissel played, and also donated two of his guitars for auction! Both ended up selling for $15000 each, and Kissel plans to deliver them to the supporters and play a private concert evening for a small group of people. Another machine for $30,000 will be purchased and brought into the Steadward Centre.

The live auction was a great success. The Rogers place tickets donated were doubled, and donated center pieces, flowers, and paintings we’re up for auction. The paintings had been painted by clients of the Steadward Centre when Lewis Lavoie had visited the centre. There were lots of laughs and fun, the auctioneer was amazing at getting everyone going.

Finally, Sculptor Ryan Kurylo gifted Dr. Bob Steadward a specially created bronze sculpture with a bronze ribbon around a standing Athlete figure that had all his achievements listed on it. He truly is an inspiration and his work has changed the lives of thousands!

Dental Choice is a proud supporter of Free2BMe, learn more about them here.

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