Fight the grind!


You’ll know it by the pain and stiffness in your jaw when you awaken, by the deterioration in your teeth I’m sure the dentist has observed and told you about.

So, you’re a tooth grinder.

Fret not! Though I’m sure you’ve woken up your roommate(s) more than a few times with those mysterious noises coming from your mouth at night, but this is nothing to be ashamed of. There are a couple of natural ways to going about life with your overactive nocturnal jaw…

Firstly, recognize the symptoms!
Flattened, worn or chipped teeth and jaw pain or tightness are just a couple of possibilities. The symptom are especially noticeable shortly after awakening.

Secondly, work to relieve the stress you’re feeling, especially before bedtime. Your nightly preparations should include your favorite stress-relieving activities, like stretches, warm baths, or listening to relaxing music or audiobooks. The muscles in the jaw should be as relaxed as possible heading into your slumber.

Next, wear a mouthguard! These protective dental devices will minimize the damage of the bruxism overnight.

This one might be difficult, but I believe in you: cut back on caffeine and alcohol! Especially if ingested right before bed, these chemicals can exacerbate your condition.

Make a conscious effort to not clench your jaw. Place your tongue between your teeth if you notice you’re quite habitually inclined already.

Finally, talk to a doctor! If youre grinding problem is severe, you may need some help to try to minimize the effects of your nocturnal malady. Contact your local Dental Choice office for help today.


Best of luck, fellow tooth grinder!

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