Dr. Eom @ Sharing Smiles 2018

April Oral Health Awareness

University Edmonton Dental ChoiceDr. Eom smiles with package at event sends Dr. Ryan Eom and office manager, Deandra Duncombe, to participate in the 2nd annual Sharing Smiles 2018.

This event is organized by the dental students at the University of Alberta for people with special needs. This day is full of fun with free lunch, dental supplies, prizes, and lessons in proper oral hygiene. The event was created by Oral Health, Total Health (OHTH)  which is a Federal Non-Profit Organization led by the students and faculty from numerous Faculties of Dentistry with a mission to advocate, educate and improve the oral health care for persons with special needs.

Sharing Smiles kicked off the day with the dental students educating the attendees about the importance of good oral hygiene and well as the role nutrition plays in one’s oral hygiene. Dr. Eom spent the day at our booth talking to people about proper dental care and handing out goodie bags to the families who were there to learn, laugh, and have a good time with their families and friends.

“It was very rewarding to be a part of this special day, as the concept of Sharing Smiles started as an idea about introducing dental and dental hygiene students to people of special needs. It is important for there to be universal access to oral health care for all individuals, and this is the perfect opportunity for the community of special needs and students to be introduced.” -Dr. Ryan Eom

2018 Sharing Smiles Day 10th AnniversaryAccording to the CDA – People with physical and developmental disabilities have special dental care needs because the ability to eat and interact socially is critical to their well-being and good health. However, they are particularly prone to dental caries and periodontitis that can have a catastrophic impact on their survival and ability to thrive.

If you are looking for a family dentist, or someone to discuss providing dental services for an individual with special needs, Dr. Eom is available to figure out a solution that works for you and your loved ones. At University Dental Choice, we make sure that everyone has access to quality dental care! Book with Dr. Eom Today.



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