Downtown Dental Choice Breakfast & Fun Facts

April Oral Health Awareness

Dental Choice employeee stand behind booth at the Downtown Dental Choice BreakfastFormerly known as “Scotia Dental Choice”, Downtown Dental Choice hosted a breakfast for busy downtown workers to add a little uplift to the hustle and bustle of their mornings.

This is not the first time our downtown dentist, Dr. Cottle and his team have hosted a breakfast for the passerbyers of Scotia Centre, they hosted a festive Christmas breakfast, and a playful Valentine’s Day breakfast as well.

“We had fun handing out oral health essentials to people on their way to work as well as a healthy breakfast and a coffee to make their morning a little brighter. It is always great to let the busy bees of downtown know about our convenient location and hours, we are pretty easy to slip away to from work, especiallly for people who work in the Centre, or along Stephen Ave.”Dr. Christopher Cottle of Downtown Dental Choice

Because it was oral health month, we thought it would be necessary to feature some fun facts at our booth:

Fun Fact: Cheese helps reduce cavitity formation in teeth because it neutralizes plaque acid

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