Don’t forget the tongue!

Brushing and flossing your teeth – it’s a given, it’s routine, expected.

But how many of us take care to properly brush our tongues?

Did you know that a good oral hygiene habit is to also brush the tongue following a good tooth brushing session?

Here’s why: you can fight bad breath, avert tooth decay, stave off fungal infections, avoid Strep Throat, discourage stroke, heart disease, digestive disorder and ulcers, and prevent plaque from hardening.

All that from brushing your tongue, really?? Yes, really! Mouthwash simply doesn’t have the same efficacy as brushing your tongue does– you’re striking the bacteria which sits directly on your tongue (isn’t that appetizing?).

So remember to give your tongue some attention too! After all, it is huge part of your mouth!

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