Dentist Dad, Dr. Leoni!

For our Father’s Day feature, we are pleased to highlight Dr. Andrew Leoni, one of our dentists at Jasper Ave Dental Choice! You can see him buzzing into work on his bicycle and laughing with his staff. He smiles a lot and encourages his patients to smile as well.

Why is he so happy? Well, one of the biggest reasons, he would say, is that he has work/life balance, and plenty of time to spend with his awesome children! Dr. Leoni is a proud Dad of two. In the photo to the right, you can see his two kids, Alice and Philip at the petting zoo.

“The kids like exploring the river valley together after my work. They especially like going off-road on “the steepest trail ever” which is always fun!” – Dr. Leoni.

Being a father equips him with the ability to work with children on good oral health. It also gives him the insight to how parents may be feeling about their children’s dental history and even dental anxiety. Being able to empathize with his patients makes Dr. Leoni a great choice for families to go to for all of their dental needs, as he can perform everything from surgical extractions and IV sedation to sealants to prevent cavities in children. If you would like to book an appointment with Dr. Leoni, click here! He is now accepting new patients.

Family is important to all of us at Dental Choice, and that is why we have spent years building a system for dentists to come to work, and to leave their work at the end of every day. The work life balance is so important to leading a truly happy life.

The mandate here is that our dentists can focus on being dentists, while the rest of the team takes care of all of the management, recruitment, accounting, marketing, and more! If you are a dentist who is interested in finding out more about becoming a part of the Dental Choice team, contact Melany Ring at Or visit our “Dentist Opportunities” page.

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