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My name is Laurel Rosselli, I am a Registered Dental Hygienist at University Dental Choice in Edmonton and appropriately enough, my first shifts worked there were 5 years ago during National Dental Hygienists Week!

I love this time of professional pride when we all “put on our purple” to raise awareness of the systemic link to oral health by talking about Oral Health For Total Health. That catchy slogan is proclaiming why your dental hygienist is always so determined to make sure your oral home care skills are on point, because it isn’t just about your teeth and gums, it’s about all of the other ways your entire body is affected by the health of your mouth.

Did you know that diabetes, heart disease, stroke, respiratory problems such as pneumonia and COPD, infertility issues, premature birth and even dementia have all been linked to poor oral health and problems in your mouth? Your dental professional knows this, so when you come to see us, we teach you about proper brushing, flossing, rinsing and many other dental aids in an effort to protect your gums and teeth, yes, but also to help all of the other cells in your body remain as healthy as possible!

When you come see us for your hygiene visit you are getting a lot more than just a “cleaning”. Your dental hygienist is also doing many assessments and evaluations for you to determine a treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs! One size does NOT fit all! This is why we ask about your medications and medical conditions at the beginning of the appointment, it’s our first clue to any systemic links that may already be occurring. You’ll also be glad to know you are getting an oral cancer screening of your head and neck and measurements will be taken to determine the health of your gums, oral ligaments and bone support in addition to the x-rays that we take. The scaling that we do removes the plaque and hardened tartar buildup which harbor the bacterial invaders that are wreaking all the havoc on your oral and total health in the first place! You might also get a polish and we will always recommend fluoride and any rinses that are beneficial to you based on your individual health needs.

Dental Hygienists are here to promote health, educate patients, research best practices, provide clinical therapies, manage protocols and policies and be agents for change. I love what I do as a dental hygienist and am always more than happy to talk about my passion of Oral Health for Total Health!

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