Dental Anxiety in Children

Dental anxiety is real, let’s just put it out there right away.

Like many fears and phobias, there is usually a root cause. Even if there is no immediately traceable trauma linked to one’s dental anxiety, we must come to terms with its very real presence and consequences.

A fear of getting dental work can lead to one neglecting to get one’s oral health checked. Plaque build up, gum disease, oral cancer screenings– all of these and more are looked over when one chooses not to see their dental professional.

This is why it is important to attempt to imprint positive experiences with children when it comes to dental work. A new study, according to Medical News Today, found that children with dental phobias can benefit from audiovisual distraction during dental procedures. In addition to audiovisual distraction, sedation is a viable option for children with dental anxiety.

Dental Choice is no stranger to children’s dentistry– our offices are ready, willing and able to book your child’s dental appointments. Select Dental Choice offices offer various sedation options to help keep children and adults calm for their dental work appointment. This includes nitrous oxide sedation, which is non-invasive, as it uses a gas to sedate the patient.

With a new understanding of and attitude towards child dental anxiety, there is a hope that full blown phobias are not only reduced, but less stigmatized and treated with the compassion that they require.


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