Children’s Dental Growth Chart – Learn how your kid’s teeth grow and what to look out for!

Health is a primary concern for all parents – and there’s so much to learn and know. When to bring a child to the doctor, keeping up with vaccinations, getting their eyes checked, and the whole nine yards. Oral health is just another thing that shouldn’t be skipped on the radar.

Your Dental Choice family wants to make parents lives easier, and have created a Children’s Dental Growth Chart for you to reference. It includes information on common questions regarding your child’s oral health, when to bring them in to a dentist, and routine check points.

Some skill testing questions, just for fun:
· When should teethbrushing start?
· When does teething begin?
· When should you bring your child in to see a dentist?
· When should flossing begin?
· When do adult teeth start coming in?

Of course, we are always here for you as well! If you have any questions regarding you or your child’s health, we are just one call or email away. Our group of dental professionals is ready and eager to help you stay on top of your oral health!

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