BOTOX® Knowledge Week Re-Cap

Hello friends! I hope you enjoyed our BOTOX® Knowledge Week featured on our Facebook page!

Let’s re-cap what we’ve learned so far:

BOTOX® Tip #1: Your BOTOX® appointment will be quick and comfortable. There is a series of photographs followed by the administration of the BOTOX®, a total of approximately 30-60 minutes.

BOTOX® Tip #2: Because there is no freezing involved as the injections are just below the skin surface, there is no downtime following your appointment; you can continue with nearly all daily activities.

BOTOX® Tip #3: Dentists are specifically trained on the face. They are knowledgeable about the facial region and can provide your BOTOX® injections with confidence.

BOTOX® Tip #4: Did you know Botox can be used to help reduce the effects of clenching and grinding? Botox applied to the masseter muscles is an effective way to help relax these muscles!

BOTOX® Tip #5: Wrinkles? What wrinkles? Botox can be used as an effective strategy in wrinkle prevention. Why not start Botox early in life and keep those wrinkles away!


We’d like to thank you for all of your questions and engagement, as well as to our BOTOX® expert panel who provided tips and new insights into BOTOX®.

Knowledge is power, knowledge is health, knowledge is beauty!

We’ll see you at the next Knowledge Week so stay tuned!!

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