Tips For Cutting Down On Sugar

March 5, 2019

Content written and reviewed by Dr. Aaron Law of Millwoods Dental Choice Many of the foods we encounter every day contain large amounts of sugar — from natural sweets like fruit to sources of added sugar like candy and soft drinks. In fact, the average Canadian eats the equivalent of 40 kilograms of sugar every year, […]


A Child’s First Trip To The Dentist

February 26, 2019

A child’s first dental visit provides a chance for them to begin building healthy dental habits and a friendly relationship with their dentist. Though this milestone can sometimes feel scary for both children and their parents, a little preparation can help make going to the dentist a positive and educational experience for both parties. The […]


Improving Oral Health For Pregnant Women

February 19, 2019

Pregnancy is an exciting time. However, while you’re busy preparing for a baby, remember to take care of your teeth. Your oral health during pregnancy can have a significant impact on you and your baby’s development. Here, we’ll provide answers to some of the most common questions about oral health and pregnancy. Why Is Oral […]


How Might My Oral And Dental Health Change As I Age?

February 12, 2019

Taking care of your oral health is important during all stages of life. However, the aging process can bring changes to the teeth and mouth that make it especially crucial to monitor your mouth and dental hygiene during this time. With the purpose of providing helpful information for our older patients, here are answers to […]


The Basics of Teeth Whitening

January 18, 2019

Content reviewed by Dr. Singh of our West Edmonton office. All the coffee, tea, dark sodas, wine and snacks you may partake in can take a toll on your smile. Luckily, teeth whitening has come a long way from being a fad or craze to being a procedure people routinely do. And, as more individuals […]


Invisalign’s Top 8 for Teens

December 31, 2018

Things You Need to Know About Invisalign Treatment for Teens Invisalign® treatment is the modern way to straighten teeth. Invisalign® clear aligners are the future of teen teeth straightening —95% of orthodontists agree.  After taking a digital scan or impression, your orthodontist will develop a treatment plan using a series of custom-made, removable, and virtually invisible aligners. From […]


What Is Fluoride and Do You Need It?

December 18, 2018

Content reviewed by the dentists and staff at our Whyte Ave office. Researchers began exploring the connection between dental health and fluoride in the early twentieth century. Communities throughout North America began fluoridating their water supplies in 1950. One of the first areas in the world that introduced water fluoridation to the community as a public […]


Common Kids Dental Problems

November 14, 2018

Childhood is a time filled with adventure, exploration and growth. However, these years of discovery are also home to the occasional dental problem — a climb on the jungle gym could end in a broken tooth, or a missed spot of plaque could result in a cavity. Many of a kid’s dental problems are the same […]


Guide to Bleeding Gums

November 6, 2018

Even if you do a decent job at taking care of your teeth, you may have had bleeding gums at some point in your life. It can be a scary thing to experience, especially when you spit out blood after brushing your teeth before bed. While bleeding gums don’t always mean the worst possibility — […]


Switch Witch Success!

November 5, 2018

This year we ended up collecting 257 pounds of candy in total! The kids were overjoyed to pick from all kinds of great toys, and many parents were happy to get the junk-food out of their homes! All of the candy collected is currently being sent overseas to the Canadian Armed Forces. We ran the […]

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