A Tooth-Friendly Easter

Well, it is that time of year again. Easter. Where families get together and celebrate with feasts of delicious dishes while children hunt for the heaps of candy the Easter Bunny leaves behind. Amongst all this fun, going on behind the scenes, these sugary treats from the Easter Bunny are attacking our teeth. OralB states “The more sugar, the more acid that gets produced, which is why sugary, sticky foods and beverages are more likely to create decay”.

It is commonly known amongst dentists that tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease, and the risks can be lowered by teaching your children the damage that too much candy can cause. But teaching is one thing, helping prevent it as a parent is another. Creating dental-friendly Easter baskets is one way of ensuring you are doing your part in reducing the risk of cavities for your children.

Enjoy Easter! Enjoy the Chocolate! Enjoy some candy! Simply brush and floss after. Worried about the quantity of sugar? Some great ideas for lowering the quantity of candy in Easter baskets can include small toys, craft supplies, music, or books being inserted to take up space amongst all the goodies youngsters love. The list is endless. We found this website full of great ideas on how to make a tooth-friendly Easter:

Easter baskets with candy and other items may seem strange, but it is a rewarding tradition that can grow year after year, and ensures you can still protect your children’s teeth while still enjoying the festivities. So let’s enjoy Easter and then haul out the toothbrush!




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