3D Print Your Tooth with Dr. Delhon

3D Printing is the Solution


Say goodbye to biting on impression material for several minutes, having a numb mouth and jaw ache. Dr. Delhon at Northland Dental Choice now has a camera that can capture your full dentition in seconds and then transfer this to the computer to commence 3D printing your crown!

The CEREC machine takes a picture of the shaped tooth by using a special camera called an optical scanner, and the computer designs the crown or inlay as a 3D image. The crown or inlay is then grinded down by a milling machine that cuts and configures the shape out of a solid block of strong ceramic material. The bite is then adjusted to fit your opposing teeth, and then the crown or inlay can be stained and glazed and is ready to insert. All in one appointment!

CEREC enables your dentist to insert esthetic ceramic crowns or partial crowns in a single session. Watch how it’s done:

Benefits of CEREC

• One Visit
• Bio Compatible
• No Metal
• No Impression Materials
• 17 Shades To Select From
• Custom Precise Fit
• Function Like Natural Teeth
• No Temporary Crown
• Faster Recovery Time

We are not fooling ourselves, of course there are better things than having a new crown inserted. But we can do something to make it as quick and pleasant as possible. Are you interested? Talk to Dr. Delhon at Northland Dental Choice today!

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