Brush up on… your selfies?

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a phone camera, must be in want of a selfie.

At least, this is the case since the ubiquitous ‘selfie’ came into existence. The selfie phenomenon began in the 2010’s, and since its cultural takeover, it seems to have gotten a bad rap as some kind of vain exercise. More recent think-pieces, however, opt to define selfie-taking and publishing as a reclaiming of one’s aesthetic and perception, as an act of war against forces that would oppress one’s self-perception, as an essential part of ones self-care arsenal.

Today, we’ll look at one less-politically charged avenue for selfie-taking: for your brushing habits and technique!

Yes, we encourage a selfie video to be taken while you are doing your daily brush– morning, evening, it doesn’t matter, film it! A new study according to Medical News Today states that recording selfies can improve oral health skills. This is because you can take your selfie footage into your next oral examination, where our dental professionals can appraise your brushing skills! We’ll help correct your habits if they are lacking, and critique your performance. This will contribute to the building of life-long oral health habits!

So don’t be ashamed to whip that smartphone out while you’re brushing your teeth, embrace it! We will too!

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