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Dental Choice is a dedicated team of professional dentists in Alberta with vast experience in providing general, cosmetic, restorative and reconstructive dental services. Our solid commitment to professionalism allows us to focus on providing exceptional dental care to all our patients.

Currently, we have fully equipped dental clinics across 16 locations throughout Alberta in Edmonton, Calgary and Airdrie. Edmonton offers nine convenient locations, while Calgary and Airdrie are home to the remaining locations. Finding a dentist in Alberta just got easier — look for a Dental Choice office near you.

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Why Us?

We understand dental problems can be a cause of worry to some people, and that’s why our dentists are always ready to work with you through your concerns. Receive compassionate care, sound advice and all the help you need. Here are a few more reasons why you should select Dental Choice for all your dental needs.


At Dental Choice, we’ve been providing dental services for more than 20 years. Our experience in dental healthcare plays a critical role in how we continue to grow as a dental group. All our employees are detail-orientated, reliable and trustworthy. We are proud to have unique teams across Alberta, that complement our services in their own ways to deliver dental care to all our patients.

Personalized Attention

Patients need a dental team they can trust, which is why patient care and attention to detail are very important to us as oral healthcare providers. Our organizational structure ensures that every employee has a specific role to play in your experience with us. The organized distribution of tasks allows our professional dentists to focus on delivering quality services to all our patients without the burdens and distractions of engaging in endless business details.

Astute Patient Service

As far as dental services are concerned, we would love to be your source. Whether you’re looking for a dentist in Calgary or Edmonton, our patient care team is always ready to respond to your questions.

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We believe in helping each other achieve greatness. Work with us and receive the opportunity to learn from dentist leaders and their teams to draw from their experience and successes.

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Stampede Party

Stampede is not complete without our annual stampede party! Our staff, friends and family head down to St. Jame’s Corner for some country music, toss games, and BBQ. It’s not unlikely for our Calgary offices to be decorated for stampede – Dental Choice takes it’s holidays seriously. This isn’t our first rodeo!  

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