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Dental Choice participants are part of a team of dentists that receive practice management support, allowing them to focus their time on the practice of dentistry. Dental Choice regional managers provide assistance with leasing concerns, staffing, equipment and supplies, along with maintenance, computer issues, accounts receivables -- everything to do with administrative details. Dentists are free to concentrate on their clinical skills and patient care.

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Dr. Herchen: There are a significant range of advantages for dentists to join Dental Choice; it depends a little bit on the career point of each individual dentist. If a dentist is early in their career, there's a lot of challenges that are involved in becoming a successful dentist. We can support them in all aspects of their career development. We take care of equipment and staff concerns, we take care of lease concerns, we take care of supplies concerns, we take care of patient accounts and accounts receivables, we take care of all bookings, we take care of our computer issues, we take care of equipment maintenance issues, equipment selection issues. We can even help in continuing education course selection. Then the game changes as the dentist's progress to different points in their career. Announcer: Facilitating these behind-the-scenes functions for Dental Choice dentists is the employment of our regional and area managers who are key to the smooth running of our practices. Tara: Dentists have done to school to become dentists. Their job is to come in and actually practice dentistry; that's what they are passionate about, that's what they love to do. For us, we felt the need that a lot of dentists don't want to have to deal with running the business or have that aspect on their shoulders, so that's basically what we're doing. We're running the practice. We're managing everything from staff recruitment to ensuring that the right supplies are there for them, the equipment is running properly; everything that is operational is taken care of. Andrea: They get to focus on their skills, their clinical skills, so they don't have to worry about the more business side of it. They can focus on what they went to school for, and they can focus on patient care and bringing their excellence into the operatories. Dr. Herchen: We've also had a lot of success with dentists that are at the middle or towards the end of their career, and they're no longer interested in practice management. In many cases they've already owned a practice, perhaps more than one, and the glamour and glory of owning a practice has lost a little bit of its luster. They're more than content to spend their time on doing what they do best, which is great clinical care. As a dentist's career advances, time becomes their most critical asset. We help them use their time most effectively. For example, a dentist can spend time interviewing 1, 2, or 5 candidates for a job position, or they can spend their time doing crown and bridgework, endodontics, and great patient care. They've learned that with Dental Choice taking care of the administrative details, they can use their time most effectively on procedures that advance their career.

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