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IV Sedation Services

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Each Dental Choice office offers several sedation techniques to help patients relax and remain comfortable during treatment. For patients who are nervous about receiving treatment or who find it difficult to remain still while dental work is being performed, some of our dentists offer IV dental sedation at some of our locations in EdmontonCalgary, and Airdrie Alberta. This sedation service technique can help even those patients with severe dental anxiety receive the dental care they need.

How IV Sedation Works

IV dental sedation induces a calming state in patients in order to help them relax while dental work is being performed. This sedation services technique can be used during nearly any dental procedure but is most often used with treatments such as dental implants, dental bridges, and dental crowns.

In IV sedation, sedatives are administered intravenously into the patient's bloodstream. The medication works quickly, and the patient will begin to feel relaxed within a matter of seconds. Oral sedatives and other sedation services techniques often require at least an hour to take effect. Another advantage of IV sedation is that, if necessary, the amount of medication can be increased and its effects will be felt immediately.

IV dental sedation does not make patients unconscious, so a local anaesthetic is often administered in conjunction with this type of sedation services. Even though patients are still awake during treatment, they usually have no memories of dental work having been performed. Even lengthy procedures can be performed with reduced discomfort to the patient.

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If you have moderate to severe dental anxiety, IV sedation can help to reduce fear or discomfort. We invite you to contact a Dental Choice practice in Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta to learn more about IV dental sedation and other sedation services techniques.

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