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Dental Anxiety

Options for Anxious Patients


Our mission at Dental Choice is to provide comfortable treatments in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere so that all individuals feel relaxed and welcome at our offices. Our offices in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta are committed to providing care that some patients with severe dental anxiety will find that they can overcome this fear.

Importance of Receiving Care

Some individuals with dental anxiety have had an unpleasant experience at other dental offices in the past, or they may have an innate phobia of undergoing dental work. As a result, they may avoid going to the dentist for long periods and neglect possible problems with their oral health. We know how important regular check-ups and cleanings are to maintaining a healthy mouth. Failure to receive necessary dental care could lead to serious tooth decay and gum disease that could eventually require tooth extractions, root canal therapy, or other extensive treatments to correct.

Types of Sedation Techniques for Anxious Patients

We utilize several different types of sedation techniques, including oral sedatives, nitrous oxide sedation, and IV sedation. These methods help patients relax so that they will not remember having received treatment. With this technology, longer procedures and multiple treatments can be performed without patient discomfort.

The Wand

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