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Dental Surgery

Tooth Extractions and Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Dental Choice, we are aiming to provide professional dental care, and we are sensitive to our patients' needs. We recognize the anxiety that some individuals may feel about going to the dentist to have a tooth removed or for any other type of dental surgery. Each Dental Choice location in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta strives to make tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removal as and as comfortable as possible.

Tooth Extractions

Our first priority at Dental Choice is to provide thorough cleanings and general dentistry treatments so that patients' teeth are healthy and beautiful and less likely to require removal in the future. In cases in which teeth need to be extracted due to injury or disease, we use different sedation techniques  to minimize discomfort during dental surgery. 

Our General Dentists will discuss solutions such as dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures to replace teeth that are removed. To learn more the treatment options for restoring a beautiful, healthy, smile after teeth extractions, please contact a Dental Choice location in Calgary or Edmonton today.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

As wisdom teeth grow in, they can crowd out other teeth and affect their alignment. To prevent this crowding from occurring, wisdom teeth are typically removed before they even have a chance to come in. Because wisdom teeth typically come in around the age of 17, parents are encouraged to bring their children in for a thorough dental exam when they reach their early teens. Digital x-rays will help determine when and if oral surgery is necessary for wisdom teeth removal.

To learn more about tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, and other types of oral surgery, please contact a Dental Choice office in Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta. Our dentists and staff provide professional treatment and may discuss with you what your options are to achieve a relaxing and comfortable appointment.

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