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Children's Dental Services

Why Is Children's Dental Health So Important?


The dental habits your child develops early on can last a lifetime.  This means that behaviors and habits that cause baby teeth cavities can also cause adult teeth cavities.

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Below are some best practices that you can take to ensure your child has good oral health growing up.  The first of these tips is of course starting your child with regular visits to a dentist.  Your child’s first dental visit should be six months after their first tooth comes in.

Our caring professional dentists in Edmonton and Calgary welcome children at all of our offices. It is important to maintain excellent oral health starting at a young age.

Tips for good oral health in children

  • For many children a trip to the dentist can be a terrifying experience that can lead them to avoidance of dental visits later in life by partnering with a Dental Choice dentist.
  • Clean your baby’s gums before their first tooth brush
  • Brush your Child's teeth twice a day.  Use a soft brush and non fluoride toothpaste until the age of 2
  • Supervise your child’s brushing until you are comfortable with them doing it themselves.  Also make sure they are in-fact brushing their teeth and not “claiming” to do it.
  • After your child’s bedtime brushing ensure they do not have any further drinks or food before bed.  Juices and foods can cause decay and cavities in young teeth.
  • Once your child’s teeth have grown in to the point where they are touching your child can start flossing.  This aids in cleaning in tough to reach areas preventing cavities
  • Avoid a bottle or drink (other than water) for your child both before bed or during the night
  • Monitor the sugar intake of your child.  Kids no doubt love sugar but too much can be hard on their teeth.
  • Talk to your Dental Choice dentist about dental sealants for permanent molars to reduce cavities in these types of teeth

How Dental Choice encourages children's dental visits

There are many ways we support parent's and their children's first dental visits.  Some of our philosophy about the way we approach children's dental health.

When should you take your children to the dentist? 

It is often a good idea for you to bring your children with you for your dental appointments. This will familiarize your child with our staff and make them comfortable with our office. When a child is three years old they should be brought for an examination. We probably would not take x-rays and probably would not clean the teeth. Then, they should be brought every year until adult teeth start coming up. Keeping the appointments easy- By bringing a child at a young age, this will keep their dental appointments short and easy. This will turn them into a patient who enjoys coming to the dentist. If we wait until the child is in pain, their first appointment will be less pleasant and is a poor start for the child. If we see your child while everything is OK, then going to the dentist will become a positive event.

Bringing them with you to your appointments  
Children's imaginations can run wild. If you bring your children with you, especially for the regular check up and cleaning appointments, they will learn positive things about going to the dentist. 

Be positive! - It is important to speak positively about going to the dentist otherwise fears can be created for no reason. Children are naturally positive and only have fears if we teach them fears.

Positive feedback after treatment is finished We all thrive on positive feedback. We will make sure that your child gets lots of positive feedback. Positive feedback from the parents also is excellent.

The Wand

If your child has a fear of needles, you may consider going to an office that offers the wand.   Find an office in Edmonton or Calgary that offers the wand today.

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