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Teeth Whitening Trays

Treatment Information


Home whitening systems are more popular than ever and the good news is that some systems do truly work. Because peroxide is used, it should be applied only after dental evaluation by a Dentist. The Dentist examines gum shrinkage, nerve exposure, number and size of fillings and crowns, degree of discoloration, type of discoloration, success potential, and risk of sensitivity.

The Procedure:

  1. Have the dental team fabricate custom made trays for you. These trays allow you to pick which teeth get whitened and prevent too much peroxide from contacting the gums.

  2. Just before bedtime, brush and floss your teeth. Rinse well.

  3. Place one drop of bleaching gel at each tooth position of the custom made trays. Be careful not to place too much solution at each site.

  4. Place the tray firmly over the teeth. Wear the two trays (upper and lower) while you sleep and remove them in the morning. The teeth should get at least 6 hours exposure.

  5. Continue each night for 1, 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how white you want your teeth to be.

  6. Keep the trays upside down when not in use so that they dry out before the next use.

Occasional Side Effects:

  1. Whitening systems do not lighten porcelain crowns or fillings. You may need to get these replaced if they are prominent.

  2. Some patients report that their teeth become sensitive to cold and biting pressure for a short time during and after treatment. This discomfort goes away, usually within a couple days. If you have any concerns call us.

  3. Your gingiva or gum tissue may react to the bleaching gel. If gum irritation occurs, simply use less bleaching gel. If it still persists, give us a call.

  4. If bleaching trays are worn too long, discomfort in the jaw joints may occur. This goes away after the trays are removed.

Difference between Store Bought and Professional Whitening Trays

Please note, store bought bleaching kits do not include a good custom fitted tray. They use a standard one-size fits all tray, whereas the ones Dental Choice provides to you are custom fitted to your teeth. Because of this, the bleaching process takes longer and is less effective. You are welcome to try them but we highly recommend our professional custom fitted trays.

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