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Dental Anxiety

Information for Anxious Patients


We listen to your fears

It is impossible to help you without knowing what parts of dentistry leave you uncomfortable. Make sure you tell our Dental Choice team all of the things that bother you the most, so we can provide you better care.

Lots of TLC

No matter what, being kind and gentle makes all dental appointments easier.

Identify the specific causes

Causes of anxiety range from the sound, the smell, the needle, the vibration to many other factors. We can specifically care for and prevent those factors which apply to you.

Comfortable appointments customized to your needs

Appointments can be short or long, comprehensive or specific, depending on your needs.

Sedation/medication/laughing gas

Medication can be given the day before, an hour before, during or after an appointment, depending on your needs. There are many types and these will be discussed with you. We do, however, believe in using natural relaxation methods as much as possible.

Spray on freezing

This is very popular and makes the injection so much easier. Be sure you get it.

On time appointments

We find that by staying on time patients are much more likely to be relaxed.

Excellent staff

It takes special people to make dental appointments comfortable and we always make sure that we have hired those special people for you.

More information for Anxious Patients

Make sure to visit our Anxious Patients page of our website, to find more information on how Dental Choice goes the extra mile to reduce anxiety and make a comfortable dental visit for anxious patients.  We have a number of sedation options available to you, as well as "The Wand" - for those who have a fear for needles.

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