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Zoom!® Professional Whitening System

Zoom!® Professional In-office Teeth Whitening


Our Dentists at Dental Choice in Edmonton and Calgary offer the Zoom!® Teeth Whitening System, a professional in-office whitening procedure that can whiten your teeth by an average of eight shades.

The consultation can either be done in the same appointment as Zoom!®, or in two different appointments.  This also depends on whether or not you require a hygiene cleaning.  We also like to note that the consultation with the dentist is included in the price for Zoom!®.

So how does Zoom!® really work?

Zoom!® Procedure - Consultation  

An initial consultation is required, before proceeding with the Zoom!® treatment.  During the consultation, we look for a number of things to assess if you are a good candidate for the Zoom!® treatment:

  • When your most recent cleaning was. We always highly recommend cleaning prior to Zoom!® treatment for best results, because the gel does not penetrate through plaque build-up

  • If you have fillings, crowns, or veneers, Zoom!® will not whiten those areas

  • If you have recession, your teeth may be sensitive to the treatment

  • Zoom!® consent form, which requires you not to be on specific medication before proceeding to treatment

Thorough Hygiene Cleaning (highly recommended)  

Depending on when your last hygiene cleaning was, we highly recommend a cleaning be done before the Zoom!® in-office whitening procedure. The hydrogen peroxide gel used in the procedure does not penetrate through plaque build up, so it is very important to have a thorough cleaning with the hygienist before proceeding with the Zoom!®

Preparation: Gel is applied to each tooth  

Teeth whitening preparation


A retractor is used to pull the lips back, preventing the hydrogen peroxide gel to come in contact with the lips.  The gel is then applied to each tooth.

The Light

Whitening processThe Zoom!® laser light is focused on the gel that was applied to the teeth, causing it to break down and release oxygen. The oxygen permeates the teeth and whitens them so that the patient's smile becomes noticeably brighter.  15 minutes later, the light is removed.  Preparation is then repeated (applying gel to teeth again), following with the Zoom!® laser light for 15 minutes.  This is repeated 4 times, which makes up the one hour procedure.

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