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The Benefits

Joining the Dental Choice Team


Bonus Systems

All staff members are eligible for bonuses based on office profitability. The longer you are with us, the higher the potential bonuses are.


Due to the size of our organization, many employment opportunities exist that traditionally do not exist for dental staff. We have a need for strong leaders and managers that are looking to expand their career beyond traditional staff duties.


We have a benefit package that grows the longer you are with the company,  reaching $1250 at the 5 year point, and $1500 at the 10 year point.

We may reimburse employees for the following educational or health related expenses: massages, uniforms, license fees, continuing education expenses, AHC, prescriptions, health plan, life insurance, short term disability insurance, long term, medical expenses, and community transit. Expenses must be related to furthering employee education, health, or work experience. The items listed can be used toward the benefits package.

Also, we provide dental coverage for employees and their families.

Continuing Education

Keeping your skills current is essential in providing the best dental care. We encourage our dentists to participate in continuing education courses and we will offer support to help you expand your skills and get to where you want to be.

*Practice of General Dentistry


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