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Our Background

Dental Choice – Edmonton, Calgary and Airdrie, Alberta


We are committed to quality not only for our patients but also for our dentists and staff. At Dental Choice we are proud of our accomplishments and are excited to be working towards a well communicated common goal. We’re focused on finding great dentists and supporting them with quality support staff.

Our management system is built to be responsive to the needs of our dentists and our offices. Our CEO, Dr. Hans Herchen, is available to provide support and his experience as a dentist and a business operator have proven to be invaluable to many of our associates and staff.

Our Dentists in their own words

I’m proud that Dental Choice is a company committed to a patient centered approach, has a great culture and holds its dentists to the highest standards of practice. I recommend Dental Choice to any dentist with a couple years experience.  I think the adjustment to private practice from school is a major one but Dental Choice makes the transition smoother thanks to their supportive environment that allows all dentists to grow as a professional. - Dr. Godlewski
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