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We offer excellent advantages for dentists looking for associate positions or ownership opportunities. Dental Choice provides exceptional income potential, rewards for hard work and bonus systems based on office profitability. We also go further with our benefit programs including offering continuing education programs and a comprehensive mentorship program where any associate can directly benefit from more experienced clinicians. For those interested in ownership, we offer a 50% ownership option to one dentist per location.

Dental Choice is a full service dental group providing surgical, cosmetic and restorative dental services. We strive to create a positive environment for our associates, staff and patients.

If you’re just out of university, you can reap the rewards of an excellent mentorship program and learn from experienced professionals throughout the company. Dental Choice will treat you with respect and give you the room and flexibility to achieve your financial and professional goals. We’ll reward you for your hard work, we offer competitive bonus systems based on your office productivity and the use of our systems and support from Senior Dentists and Office Managers will make your work life better. We encourage everyone in our company to enjoy a healthy work/life balance because we believe a healthy personal life leads to better results for you and your patients. All in all, we offer a win/win situation for our dentists, our patients and our company.

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