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Our 11 Pillars of Success & Painted Picture of 2017

The following is a painted picture of what Dental Choice will look, feel, and act like by December 31st, 2017, or sooner. Knowing where we are going is vital in planning how to get there.  This is shared with you to welcome your support to ensure the vision becomes reality. 

Overall Vision: A Truly Great Dental Office

A truly great dental office is one that wows and respects its patients, impresses dentists, attracts and retains great employees.  We attract dentists, patients and staff by delivering more than is expected by them.  We attract patients by genuinely caring for their needs at every appointment.

Core Values

These are always respected and followed by all members of our teams.


 We achieve alignment by working towards a well
communicated common goal


We accept responsibility for our actions and
responsibly empower others to make decisions


Our teams are effective, embrace opportunity,
and respect your time


We put our hearts and minds into our work at all necessary times


We act with honesty and respect, keep our commitments,
and do what's right when others aren't looking

Culture, Values, Spirit

In our Truly Great Dental Offices employees, dentists & patients are flocking to us because we impress them daily.   Our organizational chart is structured so that patients are on top, and each layer supports and respects the layer above it.

Our patients consistently give us positive recommendations, online, verbally, and through referrals on Google, Rate MDs etc.

We all have a compelling reason why we are coming to work.  We regularly seek feedback from dentists, staff, patients and external partners and learn from that feedback.  We apply the Golden Rule: treat people how you would want to be treated. We regularly self assess to verify we are doing a great job.


We have courage to improve, every day. Clinical courage is respected and supported.

The Power of Laughter

Humor, joy and positivity are welcome and are recognized as practice builders. 

Dentists and Employees

Dentist Recruitment and Retention  

We ensure each dentist has a strong customized career path where dentist goals and outcomes are in alignment with our support.  Dentist income trends are clearly understood at every quarter.  Partner dentists are a strong driving force of our company growth.  Our management and staff give dentists daily reasons to stay with Dental Choice.

Dentist CE and Mentorship  

CE is encouraged, and supported.  Mentoring and mentorship is provided in a manner that is inspirational and productive for both parties.

Dentist Communication and Professional Services  

Our dentists communicate effectively so that patients accept treatment 80% of the time or more. Our exams are inspiring to staff and thorough for patients.  Communication to patients is a brilliant combination of oral, written, digital, physical and social.

Our professional services are provided according to our 11 Pillars and Core Values.  We value great, honest clinical care, customized to each patient.  We treat each patient as we would treat friends and family.  Integrity is a core part of our clinical care.  Treatment plans with some conservative options are the best practice builders.

Staff Recruitment and Retention  

Our recruitment systems find and retain the most valuable employees. Internal growth results in 1.5 or more Dentist and Hygienist positions at each office at a defined time frame.

We have strong culture and systems that attracts and retains winners.  Our meaningful Scorecards and Performance Reviews ensure high standards are the baseline.  Employees are retained through our Employer Promise.  Staff let us know when they are secretly frustrated.  We cannot solve challenges we do not know about.

Team Effectiveness  

Execution and accountability matters more than intention; good intentions are not a valid business model.   We openly listen and advise each other to make the strongest possible teams.  Team victories lead to greater individual victories.  Individual office profit shall be 10% or higher and this is a financial measure of team effectiveness.

Our accomplishments are proudly shared with each other, and with the public. 

Our staff are well trained on dentist and customer service so that patients and dentists are inspired to provide testimonials.


To the actualizers of the dream; wages, bonuses, vested RRSPs, and ownership opportunities, with improving offices getting the highest rewards.  Our measurables are carefully used to ensure rewards are properly distributed.  Additional, vested team profit sharing occurs when net income exceeds 14%.

Patient Satisfaction and Wow Factors

Our patients are so pleased that they have a treatment acceptance rate of +80% and their experience frequently leaves them with a feeling of wow, this is the best office I have ever been to.  We have daily examples of great customer service at every office.

At an office-by-office level we know what our customers say about us and we celebrate individual patient success stories at all team meetings, in our newsletter, and online.  Our regular patient surveys give us feedback on direction that we respect.  Patient satisfaction drives our business and our decision making.

Manager Effectiveness and Value

Managers actively improve their offices hourly.  Managers implement and measure compelling monthly and yearly strategies.  No excuses are acceptable in achieving these strategies.    Managers give SMART instructions and lead by setting the example.  Management is proactive, not reactive; problems are anticipated and prevented.  Follow up on expectations is as important to the original guidance.  

When we do have positive results, we celebrate and then ask,  “how can we do better yet?”


Dental Choice is an organization where we learn and repeat best practices. Our systems recognize that patients, dentists and staff must genuinely believe in and support our systems.  Systems are applied with consideration of patients, dentists and staff.

We embrace the concept that employees do not fail, only systems fail.  Dentists and employees are responsible for applying systems that are relevant to them. We use our Painted Picture, Core Values, and Employer Promise, to inspire & align all levels of our people.  Systems grow the business, not slow the business.

We have standard operating procedures as minimum expectations for all repeated duties.


Dental Choice embraces a structure where anything important is measured and discussed.  We measure productivity by results, not intentions.  Each measurable has a comparable, to give it meaning.  These measurable are used to drive action and greater results. Our most important measurable are a reflection of patient satisfaction:  SRA, RC numbers, treatment acceptance rate, NP numbers, WOM and our satisfaction survey.    With the direct support of each dentist, our teams keep our schedules full on an hourly basis.


We will grow to approximately 21 locations across Alberta. Our growth is pushed by great patient, employee and dentist care,  not by simple ambition.

Legal and Professional Relations


Our acquisitions are all presented to qualified lawyers for review prior to an offer being made.  Employment law, commercial law, tax law, and government/ADAC compliance is all managed with sound legal advice.  The University of Alberta dental school embraces our involvement and the ADAC respects and cooperates with us.

Information Technology and Software  

Our software are effective, drive success, support patient education, have strict budgets and measurably support business growth.  Intraoral and extraoral cameras, videos, digital presentations, web based information transfer, and web based training all elevate our company.


Our accounting systems are strong, creating quality management of General Accounting, Internal Controls, and tax issues. Our Controller leads the accounting department to GAAP, Bank reporting requirements, provides internal reporting that allows managers, dentists and staff to make valid decisions. Acquisitions are presented to our external accountant for review prior to an offer being made.  Our controller provides review of major systems and decisions so that their impact is understood.  Accounting manages our space leases effectively.

Brand Presence – Internal and External  

Our primary marketing strategy is internal to the office with customer service that inspires the patient to return for treatment.  External marketing is carefully limited to specific protocols that are proven to be cost effective.

Our customer service culture is so strong that we get brand recognition for customer service. Our suppliers and competitors recognize that we are highly regarded in customer, employee and dentist care.

Influence and Trust

By being a highly trusted organization we have a positive impact on the dental world in Alberta and Canada.  The dental world is a mix of many types of people and we gather the influential winners together to create truly great dental offices.

11 Pillars of Dental Success

The 11 Pillars of Dental Success are the overriding foundation of how our company is managed.

We strongly believe in each one of the following:

  1. Finding and listening to the patients' needs and wants, and acting on them.
  2. Our customer service resulting in us being the dental office of choice to each patient. Making and keeping commitments to our patients is important to create a relationship of trust.
  3. Proper provision of staff, equipment and supplies for dentistry specific to each dentist with strict cost control and budgets.
  4. We achieve productivity and efficiency with excellent time use, with application of written time units.
  5. Precise and clear financial arrangements made PRIOR to treatment, with estimates consistent with the treatment plan.
  6. Strong hygiene program with thorough probing and treatment planning, with dentist and hygienist giving the patient a reason to come back.
  7. Dentist/staff career management, with results being rewarded.
  8. High clinical standards of care and treatment with patients having written options and informed consent.
  9. We demonstrate teamwork, mutual respect and a positive attitude. We exhibit determination in a fun environment and react calmly to the challenges we face.
  10. Strong community, charitable and family involvement.
  11. Office cleanliness: the office will be kept in a high state of cleanliness, appearance and repair.

*Practice of General Dentistry

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